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Today in Chita the memorial evening of Aldara Tsydenzhapova

Today on February, 24th in Transbaikalian regional library of a name of A.S.Pushkin will take place the memorial evening of Aldara Tsydenzhapova, the action beginning in 16 will take place. 00, informs a press - service of administration of the governor of Transbaikalian edge.

we Will remind AldarTsydenzhapov, 19 - the summer fellow from small transbaikalian settlement Aginsky, has rescued 300 persons of crew eskadrennogo a torpedo boat « Fast ».

on November, 16th, 2010 Aldaru Tsydenzhapovu is posthumously appropriated a rank of the Hero of the Russian Federation. In the program of action recitation, musical compositions, the songs devoted to heroes of Russia of all times.

on February, 21st, 2011, the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has handed over the higher state award – the Gold Star of the Hero of Russia to parents of Aldara Tsydenzhapova posthumously awarded for prevention of explosion onboard eskadrennogo of a torpedo boat « Fast » From the message of an official site the President of Russia .

the President of the Russian Federation has told:

- I understand that, of course, no words in such situation are capable to relieve your pain, but I want, that you knew that with our whole heart I divide your loss, and would like to notice specially that life of your son has broken at so early age not in vain. It has really rescued a large quantity of people. It also is heroism. I would like to thank warmly you that you have nurtured such son. Today I should be passed you a fighting award of Aldara - the Gold star of the Hero of Russia. I am assured, as you, both his brother, and sisters, your relatives will be proud of it, to be proud of its act. Memory of its exploit will live and at you in a family, naturally, but not only in your family: It for ever remains in the hearts of the people rescued by it so, it remains and in memory of all grateful Russia, in the history of ours Military - Marine sea fleet.