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After a heavy rain the Brazilian family has found at itself in a drawing room of an one-and-a-half-metre crocodile

In staff of Steam in the north of Brazil all the Saturday long and Sunday was poured by a rain. The water level in the local river for these two days has risen so that ground floors of houses of local residents have appeared are deluged.
One of the families living in a city Parauapebas , after the termination of a downpour not too pleasant surprise waited - behind a sofa in their drawing room something moved big and, most likely, not too friendly. It has appeared that there sits... A live crocodile.
Masters of the house, trying to win from a predator the living space, have been urged to be converted behind the help to rescuers. The arrived experts have managed to connect an animal, then have shipped it in the car and have brought to the river where the frightened crocodile have set free. As a result of all these manipulations it has not suffered.
the Most ridiculous consists that inhabitants of the house have found out a predator only on Monday when rain water has left a drawing room, marks TV Globo.