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As a part of expedition to the North Pole there can be a schoolboy from Buryatiya

If the schoolboy from the Buryat village Tataurovo Sashe Levinu manages to pass successfully through a sieve of psychologists and doctors which will thoroughly study candidates for expedition, to the North Pole it will go. Already tomorrow Sasha Levin should arrive in republic Kareliya on base of camp the Big Adventure .      

Candidates on extreme travel all Buryatiya selected.

the Representative of Buryatiya well studies, from 12 years is engaged in sports tourism, participated in many tourist expeditions. In its active 135 - a kilometre ascension on Shumak and participation in tourist meetings. Sasha has experience of spending the night on snow, well skis and copes with tourist equipment.          

- When I have learnt that I have a chance to get to expedition, I very much was delighted, - Sasha admits, - and I very much would like to become the first representative of our Buryatiya who will get to the North Pole.  

the Fourth All-Russia youth expedition On skis - to the North Pole! under the direction of known Russian travellers of Matveja Shparo and Boris Smolina will take place in 12 - on April, 21st, 2011. Expedition will pass on a route from the Russian drifting station Barneo to a point of the geographical North Pole. Transition distance – 100 - 110 km., duration – 7 days. On it informs Committee on the youth policy of Buryatiya.