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In the city and rural markets of Krasnoyarsk region manage individuals

In Krasnoyarsk region 52 retail markets on 12   work; 526 trading places, experts of Krasnojarskstata (have counted up the data for 2010). From them the majority universal – where sell clothes, products, economic utensils (them 32) and 20 specialised markets.   the majority of the local markets belongs   to individual businessmen (84 % of trading places) and only 13 % are fixed to private traders (belong to the population), for legal persons - 1,4 % of places are fixed, behind part-time farms - 0,9 % and 0,6 percent of trading places occupy country and farms.

- Such situation is characteristic for the markets, both city, and countryside, - speak in Krasnojarskstate. - In the rural markets there is more than half of places it is fixed for « IP » private persons occupy 43 percent of places.   in 41 city market « Individuals » occupy 86 % of shops, and only 11 % of places are necessary on   private persons.