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SKA has won at « Spartaka » in the first match plej - off

And who has told that will be easy? Soldiers have opened the bill. But there was it only on 15 minute. Before spartakovtsy owned game advantage, and Dominik Gashek operated confidently. Maxim Afinogenov has deduced a pass on Evgenie Artjuhina`s shock position, and the giant beautiful kistevym has amazed with a throw near verhy a gate corner of Dominatora. The Czech aksakal has reacted, but the washer has passed with millimetre over a trap.

In the second period of Radivoevich of an abacus has made even, but But were again deduced by Peter forward. In the third twenty minutes Alexey Yashin has once more afflicted Gashek`s olden time.

It is red - dark blue have received comfortable priemushchestvo in two washers and, probably, have already started to think of hot coffee and the following game. It is red - white it have felt and have quickly used recession in game of owners. Army defence has yawned counter attack of Muscovites, and on pererez to Knyazev broislsja from gate of Jakub Shtepanek at which, obviously, have handed over nerves. Spartakovets has gone round the goalkeeper and has put shajbochku in empty gate. 3:2.

last minutes owners have started to play frankly on bill deduction - on a release. Sikorovtsy aspired to take out simply a washer from the zone, and spartachi picked up a shell and again rolled to collars of soldiers from Neva. Last minute Jakovenko has gone on an extreme measure - has removed Gashek and has replaced it with the sixth field player. And for 30 seconds till the end of the basic time visitors managed - taki to stitch Shtepaneka in the third time. 3:3. In a dramatic match it is appointed 20 - a minute overtime.

Soldiers could draw the necessary conclusions and have thrown solving washer in an extra time. From Yashin`s transfer Mattias Vejnhandl has caused a stir. 4:3 - difficult first victory SKA   in a series 1/ 8 endings plej - off KHL.

Washers have thrown:
1:0 - 15:28 Artjuhin (Afinogenov)
1:1 - 24:06 Radivoevich (Bodrov, Budkin), bolsh.
2:1 - 29:58 But (Sushinsky)
3:1 - 40:45 Yashin (Vejnhandl, Marks)
3:2 - 48:30 Knyazev
3:3 - 59:57 Radivoevich (Steering-wheel)
4:3 - 67:31 Vejnhandl (Yashin), bolsh.

Goalkeepers: Shtepanek - Gashek

Penal time: 12 - 8