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The GAI officer from Buryatiya has received for a bribe and a deceit of the automobile owner of 5 years conditionally

the Born psychologist there was a GAI officer from registration - examination department of traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Buryatiya Paul Tolmachyov. For pair conversations it has convinced the buyer of the brand new car « HUMMER » that in the log of a car a fatal mistake. And so irreparable that « it is impossible to go by this car, to sell   it is impossible,   also that   remains   to burn it in wood ».  

Having regretted to burn in the nearest coppice the newcomer « HUMMER » the impressionable owner of the car has gone home and has brought to Paul Tolmachyov of 30 thousand roubles for « illegal » check in. That the enterprising car inspector has thought up all history on the move, and check in of the car nothing disturbed, he has not guessed at once at all.  

But about « psychological » Method of the inspector employees UFSB   at once have guessed; on Republic Buryatiya during operative actions. As a result to the enterprising GAI officer of a distance of 5 years conditionally, have refused to work in power structures and have fined on 50 thousand roubles.