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Vaclav Sikora: « the present match plej - off » Has turned out;

the Press - conference:

Vaclav SIKORA, head coach SKA:

- remarkable performance &ndash Has turned out; the present game plej - off. Hockey players of both commands suited the present feast to spectators. And they need to tell thanks for it. We conducted 3:1, but then have allowed the rival to even up scores. However during a break before an extra time children could gather in a locker room and all - taki to pull out victory in an overtime. And I am very grateful to them for it.

Why we accurately played last minutes the basic time? It is explainable. We conducted in the bill and did not want to risk during that moment – aspired garantirovanno to finish a meeting to victory. But means, insufficiently aggressively played that piece in average and in the zone.

Yes, Shtepanek has committed an error, but all the same we support it.

Andrey JAKOVENKO, the head coach « Spartaka »:

- First of all, I congratulate colleagues from SKA on victory. We looked well today. I am grateful to children that they have actually pulled out a meeting. In an overtime to us simply has not carried. Why in the beginning of a match we played from defence? Always departure you try to play carefully. But any game recession at us was not in the game beginning.