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The Moldavian deputies have argued about nationalities

the Deputy from Liberal party Anna Gutsu has suggested to change article 68 of the Law about acts of civil status so that parents wrote down in the birth certificate of the child its nationality on the basis of the usual statement.

Deputies - communists have scarified this initiative. They have noticed that nationality subjects are very painfull, and any such decision it should be accepted in the wide agreement . They consider that children, on majority achievement will solve, to what nationality belong.

  - We oppose imposings by parents of a national identity. Madam Gutsu, unless in Romania citizens ask to write down in the documents proving the identity Moldavian Nationality?, - the deputy from PKRM Grigory Petrenko has asked.

Its party fellow Sergey Syrbu has noticed that the similar initiative the ruling Alliance intends is artificial to increase quantity the Romanian in a damage of Moldavians .

the Leader liberally - democratic fraction Mihaj Godja has offered, that the parliament has excluded article 68 from the law. The fraction of Democratic party of Moldova has joined criticism of communists and the liberal - democrats, and has suggested to direct the project to the commission on revision. vitse - the chairman of parliament, the deputy of LDPM Liliana Palihovich has exercised the right the chairman of session, and has directed the project to the commission, without having put it on voting.

  - I understand reaction of communists as at them Lenin and Stalin`s ideology, but I can not understand why so the Alliance has arrived, - the leader of liberals of Mihaj Gimpu has expressed a regret.