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In park « Friendship » reconstruction of exploit of Alexander Matrosova

in park " has taken place Today; Friendship was not to force the way. To look at reconstruction of the events which were taking place on February, 27th, 1943 around village Chernushki of the Pskov area, the large quantity to the people has come. Also was on what to look.

Rekonstruktory from military - patriotic club Kitezh - hailstones prepared for a reconstruction of exploit about half a year. Have invited for complete certainty of acquaintances from the Voronezh club the Alarm which have managed with the big accuracy and reliability to get into condition and weapon SS - vskih parts and forces of Vermahta which confronted that day 2 - mu with a battalion 91 - j a separate Siberian voluntary brigade of a name of Stalin.

fight Reconstruction has begun at midday. The pyrotechnics and smoke candles has gone to business.   spectators reacted to each explosion and a smoke a rappberry and shouts.   Forces of red army reached to dzotov during a half an hour on a snow-covered field. As a result Dmitry Galchinsky who has incurred a role of Matrosova, by the field end was exhausted from forces and has fallen on dzot on the present.

- it is very heavy to reach to dzota, - he admitted. - in snow as in water you sink. There was even a thought, and that I not for Germans (laugh) today. Would sit to itself in an entrenchment.

After end of reconstruction of fight all rekonstruktury (basically students, but were both adult muzhiks, and young little girls) were built before spectators and have burst loudly triple hurrah . Spectators have responded them applodismentami.

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