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In Volgograd drivers of long-distance buses have punished for absence of belts

Yesterday in administration of the Volgograd region has passed session of the commission on security of traffic. That occurs on area roads, chief UGIBDD across the Volgograd region Victor Grigorov has reported.

According to the main GAI officer of area, breakdown susceptibility in region for last year has a little decreased. Victims and victims became less. But incidents on roads all the same happen daily. For last year from - for road accident we have lost 435 persons, 3704 more persons have been wounded.

Victor Grigorov has noted principal causes of failures. Every fifth road accident in area occurs from - for excess of the speed, every sixth – because of pedestrians. Drunk at the wheel too frequently become originators of failures, but such cases – only 6 % from total number of incidents. But consequences, as a rule, always the deadly. Besides, every fifth road accident happens because of drivers with the experience till three years.

it becomes frequent fault of incidents   abomination a road condition – holes on proezzhej parts, absence of pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, illumination meet everywhere. And, it concerns not only cities, but also regional lines.

the Special attention at commission session has been given passenger transport. As Victor Grigorov has noted, in 2010 in area because of drivers of buses there were 90 failures in which was lost 15 and have got wounds of 106 persons.   in communication behind bus transportations have organised special control – GAI checks equipment of transport seat belts.

a Number of such checks has passed in the beginning of January. As have informed « in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Volgograd region , from the examined 25 long-distance buses 5 are not equipped by seat belts. 3 from them belong to private businessmen. To drivers of these buses have written out the penalty, and to heads of the enterprises have directed representations with the requirement to eliminate lacks.