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Under Voronezhem the Office of Public Prosecutor through court has forced officials to open additional groups in kindergartens

the district court Decision on which the local administration is obliged to open additional groups, has come into force   on Friday, on February, 25th. And the background is that. The new Usmansky Office of Public Prosecutor has found out that in area catastrophically there are no places in kindergartens. Municipal gardens of all - navsego 12, they are calculated on 1140 places. And   still without small as much doshkoljat - 823 children - stand on turn.     from them an order of seven hundred live in the district.

- Under the law   the local administration should provide appropriate granting of preschool education. And she in this direction stays idle, in this connection   the public prosecutor of area was converted into court, - have told in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Voronezh region. -   one of ways of a solution of a problem - to open in gardens additional groups, as it has been reflected in the claim. As a result the court recognised legality of the requirements shown by the public prosecutor.

Officials, by the way, these requirements and did not recognise. But to be engaged in children it now - there is no place to disappear - it is necessary.