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Hundreds vologzhan have said goodbye to the well-known artist Dzhannoj Tutundzhan

Since the midday to the Voskresensky Cathedral hundreds vologzhan and city visitors are flown down to say goodbye to Dzhannoj Tadzhatovnoj Tutundzhan. The great artist could not endure difficult operation and has died in Vologda on 80 - m to year of life.

In art gallery showroom today not to force the way. People of all age all go and go. At a body of Dzhanny Tadzhatovny the whole mounts of natural flowers. Many come personally knew the artist.

to Say goodbye to Dzhannoj Tutundzhan artist Vladimir Korbakov has come also.
the Photo: Olga KASHINTSEVA

- It was light, sympathetic, touching and very conscientious, - closing eyes, the employee of memorial estate Julia Veretnova remembers. - It possessed qualities which in the modern world meet very seldom. Not without reason her name is translated as « soul ».

In art gallery today it is populous.
a photo: Olga KASHINTSEVA

When a coffin with a body of Dzhanny Tadzhatovny have taken out from gallery and have placed in the bus, people still for a long time stood on the Kremlin Square and on steps of the Voskresensky Cathedral, silently talked, were silent, cried. Have dispersed all after the bus has left. The well-known artist will bury on the Kozitsinsky cemetery, near to her husband Nikolay Baskakovym.

« At you a cat - from lovlivyj? » sheet from a series « Conversations » 1959 - 2000.
a photo: Olga KASHINTSEVA

Everything that remains to the world from Dzhanny Tutundzhan, are memoirs of relatives and its creativity. Last lifetime exhibition of the artist will work all days off in Jugo - the Western tower of the Vologda Kremlin. An exhibition under the name « the Vologda academicians of painting of the Russian Academy of Arts XIX - the XX-th century beginnings » has opened in November of last year, and it will be closed this Sunday.

basically the drawing of Dzhanny Tutundzhan from a series « here is presented; Conversations ». But is and more than ten products of painting of different years, among which « the Bullfinch » (1970) and « Soul light » (1998). According to workers of memorial estate, the most part of works of Tutundzhan have taken away to Moscow. Now there in art gallery of the Central museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnoj a grief there passes the big exhibition of products of Dzhanny Tutundzhan. Unlike the Vologda exhibition, this exposition will be opened till April.

the Picture « Soul light » 1998.
a photo: Olga KASHINTSEVA


the Inquiry « »

Dzhanna Tadzhatovna Tutundzhan was born in Moscow on September, 22nd, 1931. Has left average art school, and then the Moscow art institute of a name of V.I.Surikova.

after the institute termination in 1959 Dzhanna Tadzhatovna has left in the Vologda area, home husband Nikolay Baskakova.

the village Sergievsky Tarnogsky area became that Source and images of creativity of the artist. Heroes of its products the simple people living in countryside.

Proizvedenija Tutundzhan are in meeting of the State Tretyakov gallery, ROSIZO, in museums of Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Ivanov, Kaluga, Karaganda, Kirov, Murmansk, Novokuznetsk, Petrozavodsk, Penza, Syktyvkar, Cherepovets, and also in private collections.