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The snow-removing technics to Stavropol Territory will be accompanied by militiamen

Weather to Stavropol Territory has cleared up outright. ACCORDING TO the Stavropol regional centre on hydrometeorology and environment monitoring, from February, 26 till February, 28th, 2011 in edge territory snowfalls, places strong, a blizzard, strengthening of east wind to 10 - 15 m/ with, fall of temperature of air to - 12 degrees on Celsius are expected.

From - for a bad weather on roads of edge more often steels to occur incidents. A wind breaks and develops traffic signs, sections of traffic lights, on proezzhuju the part and sidewalks takes out different subjects which disturb to a safe traffic and pedestrians.

- In this connection by employees of traffic police of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Stavropol Territory it is spent   The complex of actions for maintenance of a safe and uninterrupted traffic, - informs department of propagation of security of traffic UGIBDD the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Stavropol Territory. - at occurrence of emergency situations timely measures according to the legislation of the Russian Federation on restriction or prohibition of movement of motor transport,   are taken; heads of road service stations and autostations, the passenger motor transportation enterprises are informed.

the Staff is reoriented   on informing, the prevention and rendering assistance to participants of traffic, preservation of their life and health, in t. ch. Appeared on sites of highways for a cause of defect of vehicles, especially at night,   the quantity and density of traffic police squads is increased.

There is a help dorozhno - to public utilities in traffic regulation at processing and snegoochistke roads, including by support of snow-removing technics by patrol cars of traffic police.