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The road accident number began to grow in Voronezh to evening of Saturday

As   have told in a call centre of a regiment of traffic police, to evening of Saturday, on February, 26th, in a city the quantity of failures suddenly began to increase. If to three o`clock in the afternoon at inspectors, in total, was an order of five - six calls for last two and a half an hour - it is more 15. Usually in target conditions are much quieter.

- Serious road accidents - with victims or wounded men - were not (by data on 17. 30, - Red.) . Goes so-called iron . Especially - in Kominternovsky area, - have noted in a traffic police shelf.

why so - like, and road dry? GAI officers joke: probably, the sun has looked out - here the people and has gone to go for a drive. And if joking apart, inspectors ask drivers to be the extremely attentive. Employees at them do not suffice (there is a reduction within the limits of reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), and at each inspector now on the average on five failures -   they simply physically have not time to arrive on everyone in time. So, it is better to go medlenne,   but not to complicate then life to anybody - including.