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To passengers late Allegro will return third of cost of the ticket

One week ago from the Finnish station the regular express train « has gone; Allegro ». The high-speed route since December connects Petersburg and Helsinki. After pass of border the train has stopped at station Vajnikkala. Have disconnected illumination and heating. In four hours prodrogshih the passengers who have been wrapped up in outer clothing with scarfs, have replaced to a passing train « Lev Tolstoi ».

- According to firm - the manufacturer, current collectors have broken, - has informed the correspondent a source in the Russian Railway. - from them all systems of power supply eat. Without an electricity all systems has paralysed.

But breakage of structure and a presumable delay did not declare. « Allegrovtsy » were late for ferries and planes. Have demanded indemnifications, and the train brigade plainly did not explain anything. Say, we do not know.

- There are difficulties with indemnifications, - has added a source in the Russian Railway. – in the European Union countries for delay of more than two hours pay fifty percent of cost of the ticket. At us on the international flights – thirty two. « allegro » has broken in the Finnish territory. But financial risks share on territory where travel papers are issued. On idea, the tickets bought in Russia, are compensated under our quotations. And bought in the EU countries – on the local. But the arrangement on - former is not present. After that incident heads of the railways have agreed about a meeting - Vladimir Yakunin and Mikael Aro.

to the late passengers Allegro nevertheless promise indemnification. For return of third of sum of cost the ticket it is necessary to write pretenzionnye letters with the requirement to return indemnification.