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Soldiers have defeated « Spartak » in Moscow

the First period has ended with schteom 1:1.

one more exchange of washers has then followed. On 18 - oh minute of the second period to soldiers from Neva managed again to realise successfully the majority: from Peter Chajaneka and Maxim Sushinsky`s transfer shtretju the washer in gate Dominica Gashek was thrown by Anton But. 3:2.

after a whistle on the second break Maxim Rybin has driven before a fan tribune « Spartaka » and kistevym a throw has sent a washer to a glass board. It is red - white torsida has burst in a dissatisfied rumble. eks - spartakovets   has turned to them and has sent two hands an expressive kiss.

- In Maxim Rybina`s helmet have thrown from tribunes a coin, - have told to the correspondent after a match. It appears,   fans Spartaka threw on ice and sausages. But it has not helped.

In the third period visitors managed to increase a separation in the bill. From Peter Chajaneka`s transfer the washer was thrown by Maxim Afinogenov. 4:2.

the Announcer continually reminded spectators that they did not throw extraneous subjects on ice.

the Impressive landing from Petersburg fans has landed in country capital - to support Peter`s command in Sokolniki has arrived an order of two hundred supporterov it is red - dark blue.

For arena which vmeshchanaet 5530 spectators it is appreciable. Petersburg fans it was well audible.

Afinogenov has sent the fifth washer in empty gate. 5:2 - confident victory SKA.