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The Ulyanovsk musician is going to cross for a year our country a self-locking device

Many in the childhood dream to become travellers. But when the person faces a reality - there is a work, the credit, a mortgage - on travel any more does not suffice either money, or time.

Young   the Ulyanovsk musician from group « the Throttle » Ruslan of Ramazans has decided not to limit itself to work, frameworks of apartment and the city which can be gone round for a day up and down. Ruslan plans to go to adventurous travel by a self-locking device from Ulyanovsk to Vladivostok, to the edge of the country.

- I have thought that myself is artificial to limit to me not permissibly. Looking at the contemporaries, many of which are married, nurture children, they cannot make it, and at me such possibility is, why to it not to use? Bribes that anybody did not do of my acquaintances of the such. Besides I never travelled a self-locking device and so it is far. A trip – it some kind of « mini tour tour ». Now I agree with clubs of cities, on the way to Vladivostok. Initially there was a thought that I will go at once. But the common sense has played, all - taki this adventure, not the fact that all will be good, it would be desirable to be as much as possible ready to accidents. Therefore approximate date of departure – it is the middle or the end of March. On a broader scale many do not believe in it, mum does not know, the girl categorically against a self-locking device. It has surprisingly turned out, when there was an idea to go to Vladivostok, I had an extreme quantity of people in Vladivostok which are ready to accept, meet, organise a concert. The accurate route already is. A question where will stop,   I study, thanks to social networks. I will consecrate all my cheerfulnesses and troubles in tvittere. Probably, even there will be a separate site with a blog where I will write about the impressions. I will precisely visit Tomsk, though it absolutely not on the way. There there live my relatives at whom I never was. It would be desirable to visit on Baikal, though it not absolutely on the way. I do not want to be original, I want to visit big cities: Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Khabarovsk. It is so far, other edge of Russia. New cities – these are new emotions, by itself there will be new songs, - tells Ruslan.

Drivers, with which Ruslan will divide the way,   will enjoy its music and songs. Under its chords the long way (almost in one year) will last. On other end of Russia people learn that in Ulyanovsk there are adventurous people with insuperable desire of freedom and adventures.