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Group Ion Krasnopolski : we will ring out under fanfares!

the original name of the command, you will tell nothing.

the Orchestra of a name of Romana Vladimirova – normally? However, to music!

« SHaj di ri di give » – eh, very long ago I was not on the Moldavian wedding! Did not eat a stuffed cabbage, it was not clamped with semidrunk podruzhami brides, it was not torn to a microphone too to sing.

Has gone rechetativ, on a scene silence. The people do not know what to do: whether to clap that is such good idea, whether uljuljukat, because... Bungle.

Amateur performance in each step. It seems to me that have passed them in the ending out of respect for age.

Here that the Ion to Krasnopolsky our correspondent 10 minutes prior to performance has told:
- We have decided to act at home not to sit in the evening with wives, and to be near to youth! Youth — it is force! And about victory... That soldier who does not dream to become is bad, know whom.
well, wives of musicians can sleep easily – the group hardly will reach Germany this year.