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In Novosibirsk foster brothers young lions have sold at auction for three thousand roubles

On Saturday in one of Novosibirsk shopping centres auction on sale « has taken place; foster brothers of the African lions ». It is a question of two puppies of a mongrel of Najdy which in the beginning of this year became a star of all newspapers and TV channels. The dog took on education to itself of two African young lions – Konstantsiju and Cleopatra. Cats were born on the eve of storm warnings from the Ministry of Emergency Measures and unfavourable forecasts of weather forecasters. To leave them in a cage with mummy would be a crime – babes could freeze in the street. Then employees of a zoo « evacuated » for young lions in a premise also have started to search it « adoptive mum » which would leave cubs.

- Lvitsu Natju we could not start up each time in a premise on feeding of kids, take out to it them – too, they would freeze, - the Rose of Soloveva,   explains; Managing section cat`s a Novosibirsk zoo.

Then employees of a menagerie were converted to our readers with the request to find to babes the wet nurse – a dog. About it promised to care not worse, than of overseas beasts. « adoptive mum » was almost at once, to it there was a mongrel of Najda (on a twist of fate at a dog   and lionesses have appeared names), which the day before oshchenilas are conformable even. To it - that zoologists and « have enclosed » nonnative children. So the African young lions became « foster brothers » two usual puppies. And the mongrel of Najda has found the All-Russia popularity.  

« Foster brothers » young lions have sold at auction.
a photo: Andrey GREBNEV

And here at sabbatical auction children of a local celebrity were sold by auction. One bobika have sold for two thousand roubles, and another for one thousand hundred « wooden ». As appears from the action announcement « all obtained means from sale of puppies - foster brothers of the African lions - will go to zoo fund ».


  « Newborn young lions were adopted by a dog »