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Run, Anishoara Balmush, run!

here so snake overalls!   it is interesting, leah Anishoara consulted on someone when it itself put on?... These wavy lines on the feet, fitting hips trousers - it seems to me that this rubensovskoj to the woman it would be possible to pick up something more comprehensible...

And still anlijsky to put it mildly sovem not on English. And dancers strange pases on   to a scene get up.  

And Anishoaru our correspondent Lenja Rjabkov who is present now at studio on the channel « has caught before performance; Moldova 1 » where passes selection. Here that she to it has told:
-       I like to participate in the international competitions because here it is possible to get hand in! My name know, but, thanks to participation in « the Eurovision » my performance will be looked by all Moldova! This year we have picked up a good song, suits, dance. It seems to me that I have a chance...
Has sung. Slowly also it is sensitive with an anguish. I to you so will tell: we will give Anishoare chance. But, most likely, in a year.