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Washington has entered sanctions against Kaddafi

the West starts active actions against colonel Kaddafi which legitimacy, according to Barack Obama, was reduced to a zero.

signing of the order by Barack Obama about freezing of bills of Muamara Kaddafi, members of his family and representatives of the top management (only 29 persons) For certain is not casual, the Libyan government and investment fund Libyan dzhamahirii in the American banks has coincided on time with the message from the British capital that last week Muamar Kaddafi has secretly passed 3 billion pounds sterling (apprx. 5 billion dollars) in fund of management of the capitals which office is in luxurious London area Mejfer. Certainly, the Libyan billions in mejfersky fund were translated not by colonel Kaddafi, and the intermediary in Switzerland, which month with small left with the same offer on the broker firm known in City, which name London Times, informed on a 3 billion find back, does not name. The transaction has been terminated the latest minute when financiers have learnt a name of the owner of money.

« I have imposed a ban for the transaction, - the director of firm has informed Times, - because I do not want to have affairs with tyrants, at which hand in blood ». In February, financiers from City mark, sharp inflow of money from the north of Africa and the Near East is observed. Journalistic investigation will help the Ministry of Finance of Great Britain to find and freeze actives of the Libyan leader in territory of the Connected kingdom which as assume in City, total 10 billion pounds and include not only bank accounts and financial actives, but also 10 million private residence in cost f. The item

is engaged in Searches of the Libyan billions the special department of the Ministry of Finance created in October, 2007 for implementation of the international financial sanctions. Meanwhile, having frozen the Libyan bills, Barack Obama has gone further and has ordered to close and embassy of the USA in Tripoli. Besides, he also has declared that legitimacy of colonel Kaddafi « has decreased to a zero ». Now all planet with enthusiasm searches for money of the former African presidents. As to Switzerland, favourite at dictators of a place of storage of the billions stolen at the people with Libya to Bern has obviously carried. After quarrel of three-year prescription when Swisses have kept the son and daughter-in-law Muamar Kaddafi the whole days in the Geneva prison, the furious colonel has ordered to deduce from the Swiss banks the Libyan billions, and, not only state, but also the.