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Head KBR asks citizens to abstain from self-court over insurgents


President Kabardino - Balkarii Arsene Kanoko in has acted with the special statement in which has urged the republic population not to give in on provocation of gangsters and to assist law enforcement bodies.
Latest developments have shown again that extremists are not going to recede from the plans to break life of our society and each of us, to impose us the alien laws which do not have something in common with one world religion - Kanokov has told.
It has connected events in Nalchik that in two areas of republic the mode WHO is entered, having noticed that thereby gangsters, probably, wanted to distract attention from operation carrying out.
Despite it, the situation in republic remains under control. But I would like to remind all our citizens that the part of responsibility for the republic future lies and on each of us. Therefore it is especially important to all of us not to give in on provocation of the gangsters, aspiring to involve Kabardino - Balkariju in abyss of the civil conflict - the head of republic has added.
He has noticed that understands those, who at the sight of an event is overflowed with emotions but has underlined that terrorists should be responsible for the acts exclusively under laws of the Russian Federation, and to stop their activity law enforcement bodies " are obliged;.
Any other variant can complicate even more only a situation - Kanokov has specified.
At the same time, he has especially noted value of institutes of a civil society in opposition to extremism.
Once again I urge citizens to create on places social councils and entirely to help law enforcement bodies. Actually gangsters far not so are strong, as want to seem. And if all society shows to them worthy resistance, chances at them are not present - head KBR has declared.
On Friday three groups of insurgents number to 12 persons practically have simultaneously fired at building UFSB and two fasts of traffic police, and also have thrown a grenade on territory of departmental sanatorium of FSB. As a result of bombardments of victims is not present, wounds were received by the employee dorozhno - patrol service, and attacking it was possible to disappear, passes a press - service   heads KBR.