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Great Britain has closed embassy in Libya

In connection with mass riots in Libya kingdom Great Britain has closed embassy in Tripoli.

the British interests to Libya will be represented now by Turkey , is told in extended   in the evening on February, 28th the message the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom.
In the light of a worsening situation in Libya and also after last chartered Forin - office the charter plane has left Tripoli, we have temporarily suspended work of the British embassy in Tripoli - it is marked in the message.
Employees of embassy have left the Libyan capital together with other British and members of the consular command of fast expansion on last charter flight which has taken out from Tripoli nearby 100 persons.
The Turkish government will be temporary to represent now the British interests to Libya - have noted in Forin - office.
time consular working conditions Are organised, and the British consular representatives who have remained in Libya will work in close coordination with embassy of Turkey, passes RIA News .
Earlier closing of the embassies in Libya declared the USA and Australia.