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Inhabitants of the Chelyabinsk area began to complain more of doctors

Thanks to doctors hear all less often. Much more « terrible » stories about indifference, bribery and doubtful professionalism.

- Has come to the stomatologist in a residence, the doctor after each accepted patient ran to smoke, - Elena tells cheljabinka. – when to it I have got to an armchair, from the woman struck tobacco – sensations not from the pleasant. A seal the stomatologist has made poor - it has dropped out in three days. Has come to alter, that has looked at me a wolf. It has again executed the work badly: in a week in my tooth the hole again gaped! As a result I have gone to private clinic and there to me have established a good strong seal …

- While lay in hospital, became the eyewitness of medical cynicism and indifference, - townspeople Ivan share. – nurses have carried the old grandmother on inspection. That, probably, feeling of a terrible pain, has begun to cry: « Daughters, leave me in chamber, I will die ». In the answer to it have hissed: « What for, the grandma then to us has arrived, would lie at home, yes died! ». And, unfortunately, it is a lot of such cases.

It only a little bit. To add here napkins and the scalpels forgotten in people after operations, vytjagivanie money for the elementary inspections, yes at least the same unbounded turns in polyclinics …

Here to you and result. Public health services of the Chelyabinsk area – in leaders by quantity of complaints to medical services. Only for last year juzhnouraltsev, dissatisfied with doctors, became more on 13 %! Into a regional Ministry of Health it was converted 2,3 thousand inhabitants which wished to leave the claim.
most of all complaints Juzhnouralska, the Chrysostom, Miass, Kaslej and Satka arrived from Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk.

In a Ministry of Health of the Chelyabinsk area by a situation of this are puzzled and plan to understand with it. After all such statistics spoils an overall picture so, at federal level the regional public health services will be estimated worse.