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In the Uhlan - Ude in city park was lost wild kosulja

Covered with wounds and weakened kosulju in city park the Uhlan - Ude were noticed by local residents. As it here has got not clearly, yes anybody and did not begin to ask this question because to an animal the help urgently was required. Small kosulja there was all in blood. Passers-by have called in rescue service.

- We went for a drive on a swing, and something has run imperceptibly quickly, we at first have thought that a dog, and then we turn, we look, and it kosulja was small, - has told broadcasting companies « Tivikom »   ocheviditsa Valery Aldarova.   It allow to fight a head about a fence, and has then climbed in a hole in a fencing and there has started to run. We have called at once the watchman, the watchman allow to look, at all did not know, whence there has appeared kosulja, the Ministries of Emergency Measures have called.

Apparently, kosulja left to people in search of meal. However to return back to wood the guest could not. Attempts to jump over a steel protection of city park have appeared are vain. Kosulja only strongly itself has covered with wounds. The rescuers who have arrived on a call have released the blood-stained animal, there and then the necessary help was rendered by the veterinary surgeon of the clinic which was nearby. Later kosulja has died.