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In Nalchik the mode WHO

the Mode a counterterrorism operation is entered entered in some territory of Nalchik.

From 9 o`clock in the morning on Sunday the decision of the head of an emergency response centre in KBR on the part of territory of Nalchik limited to streets of the Second Tamansky division, Shogenova, Trade-union, Tereshkovoj, Student`s and a lane Festival (so-called area the Free aul ) And also in the settlements entering into city district Nalchik: Hasanja, White Small river and Kenzhe - the mode WHO " is entered; - informs an emergency response centre in KCHR.
the Mode WHO also is entered in six settlements Chegemsky (Chegem, Adijuh, Shaushka, Kamenka, Janikoj and Lechinkaj) and in one settlement of Chereksky area (Gerpegezh).
the Mode WHO is entered with a view of a non-admission of fulfilment of acts of terrorism, safety of citizens, the organisations and establishments, search and detention of disappearing members of a bandit underground passes RIA News .
we Will remind, on Friday on February, 25th in Nalchik three groups of insurgents number to 12 persons practically have simultaneously fired at building UFSB and two fasts of traffic police, and also have thrown a grenade on territory of departmental sanatorium of FSB.  
on February, 27th unknown persons have thrown two grenades F - 1 in court yard of houses of idle townsmen. As a result of explosions nobody has suffered.