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Vessel Pofessor Khromov - the port of registry Vladivostok - participates in searches of the yacht which have gone in Antarctic

In   Ross sea search for gone Norwegian yacht Berserk. Five days has passed since then as Saving - the coordination centre of New Zealand has received a signal from an emergency radio buoy with Berserk. At the moment of a signal the yacht was in 26 n miles (48 km) to the north from base « Scott » in Ross sea. Co-ordinated SKTS New Zealand, three ships and the helicopter surveyed the area more than 10 000 square kilometres in search of the gone yacht.  

Scientifically - isssledovatelskoe a vessel   « Pofessor Khromov »   - the port of registry Vladivostok – too participated in searches Berserk along the line in this area. On the way back the vessel course will pass again through search area, and the Russian seamen will help to search for the gone Norwegian yacht again.

All the yacht crew consisted of 5 persons: 4 Norwegians and 1 inhabitant of Great Britain. Two from them: the captain and more one crewman have landed for expedition to the South Pole. It is supposed that already today they on ice will reach the American base the Poppy - Merdo. On the yacht remains three, they and are searched by rescuers.  

In the sea have found only   the hurt saving raft at which it has appeared is broken off a dome and there was no first-aid set and a knife. However signs of that on a raft someone escaped, no.  

Search of the Norwegian yacht will proceed until vessels can remain in this area. But there are big fears for destiny of crew. If there was a wreck, to survive in ice water of chances a little.  

SKTS New Zealand keeps in contact with the Norwegian authorities. Members of families of five researchers have expressed the extreme gratitude for work to the crews participating in their searches native.