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The Chelyabinsk students have asked for Putin the earths under hostels

the Representative of trade union Southern - the Ural state university Anton Kaljuk at a meeting with the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin which has passed in Sochi, has brought up a question on preferential allocation of the earths under building of hostels.

— a leah It is possible to fix the moment that at distribution of lands, for example, federal value, a priority or any part of the earths gave to high schools at legislative level? For example, they would receive priority possibilities of the repayment on favourable terms and, accordingly, still to make recommendations, for example, on municipalities, if the high school is ready to put these 50 - 60 % to give on favourable terms a supply of an infrastructure and communications. It would be very convenient in a context of realisation of all other programs on hostels, — has offered cheljabinets.

— Leah it is possible to grant the right to regions, to give free of charge earth of federal value? Certainly, they with pleasure will distribute all property of federal value! Only grant the right! All will distribute! — Vladimir Putin has responded.

But the prime minister has promised to give the commission to Fund of assistance to housing construction development, that there « these earths not only for housing construction for the purpose of realisation of various programs, but also for building of hostels for students » have thought and used;.

— And as to an infrastructure it is good if subjects have consulted, but to it it will be difficult, it is very difficult work. We will think on a subject of that in various programs in common at least with regions as - that this subject to support, — Putin has continued. — but the earth — precisely. It is very good thought as the mechanism already exists for housing construction, it is just necessary to cut there one more section for building of student`s hostels. Absolutely precisely! I will give such &mdash command; and it will make.