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The Surgut traffic polices - nikov Employees of traffic police of Surgut will teach a pursuit

have begun training on a shooting training apparatus Patrol
the car specially created in Training centre of the Department of Internal Affairs of district.
he allows to approach educational process to real situations as much as possible. In
particulars to recreate a prosecution mode. the idea of creation of this training apparatus
belongs to Nikolay Gudozhnikovu, the chief of the district Department of Internal Affairs, we have decided to realise it, - Gennady Shevchenko, the chief of the Center professional
makes comments on preparations. Such training apparatus allows to model situations which can occur
in daily performance of duty. The shooting training apparatus is intended for training
employees of external services. It and employees dorozhno - patrol and patrol - sentry duty, and also private security .

the New training apparatus consists from vibratsionno - a rotary platform which allows to establish it on various distances from the purpose and at any angle. By means of a control panel a training apparatus it is possible to simulate car movement, both on highway, and on a country road. The given car on the external appearance and the equipment completely is copied by the patrolman. As have informed in a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Surgut, estimate training apparatus work those investigators who approach to release can only. After all new arrived cannot be admitted to a government-issue weapon, but, having mastered during training skills of shooting, can apply them in training on a training apparatus. Already now it is possible to say that pupils are interested in working off of skills of prosecution of infringers, using a training complex.