Rus News Journal

In Bashkiria the woman has burnt down in the apartment

on February, 27th in village Nikolaevka of the Blagoveshchensk area the log house has lighted up. Its owner left in a bath and when has returned, has seen fire.

the man has rushed to rescue at once the spouse who remained in the house.

it has practically taken out the woman from fire, but it has had time to get serious burns. At this time neighbours have called firemen. Arrived ognebortsy have extinguished the house, but he has had time to scorch strongly.

- 67 - the summer woman with burns of 80 % of a body has been delivered in resuscitation of the central regional hospital. Its status is estimated as the heaviest, - employees inform a press - services GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Bashkiria. Most likely, the fire has occurred from - for electric system misuse. The exact reason is established.

on February, 25th approximately at nine o`clock in the evening in Janaule the apartment in an apartment house along the street Nekrasov has lighted up. Exact cause of the fire now establish, but under preliminary version 56 - the summer mistress of habitation smoked in a bathroom then has badly extinguished a cigarette, having left it on the washing machine. And has then gone to fall down. Soon the home appliances have lighted up, and then and other things in apartment. Neighbours, having felt a smoke smell have called firemen.

- firemen have extinguished kindling, but the woman to rescue any more it was not possible, she has choked with a smoke, - employees have told a press - services GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Bashkiria.

for passed days off in republic 35 fires are registered, 14 from them have occurred in cities, 21 - in republic areas. On fire 4 persons were lost, 1 more has suffered.