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Trading networks of Ekaterinburg have fined for double price lists

Each buyer though time appeared in such situation: has seen on the price list one price and when the goods have punched on cash desk, the sum has appeared absolutely another. As large trading networks of Ekaterinburg make out price lists, experts of Rospotrebnadzora have checked up. Results of check have appeared predicted: poorly what shop can brag of the price list with one price. Where - that their two, and where - that and at all three and where - that on cash desk and at all will beat off at the fourth price. Try, understand.

Auditors after population complaints have gone to spot-check on shops. Have glanced in « the Merchant »   the Roundabout, « the Coin » « Picnic » « the Crossroads » « Kirov » and « Megamarch ».

On price lists in   « Megamarch » three prices flaunt: Wholesale with a club map, retail with a club map and retail without a club map. On cash desk at calculation of cost the seller considers not only presence of a club map, but also quantity of the got goods.

In a hypermarket « the Roundabout » (street Malysheva, 5) for beer « Amstel » judging by the price list, asked 38 roubles, on cash desk it has appeared that is necessary   43 roubles for a bottle. With the same trespass and in other shops which were checked up by experts. Make a fool of our brother and the size of the prices. Lower price (it at a discount and only to owners of discount cards), and in small print where - that in a corner that that above largely flaunts. If you the usual buyer you to pay on that which more in small print is printed.

- In some shops on price lists the incomplete and non-credible name of the goods was specified, - mark in a press - service of the Ekaterinburg department of management of Rospotrebnadzora. – Not   Write goods country of origin.

Heads of trading networks have fined for infringement of the rights of consumers and have asked not to suppose such oversights henceforth.

In a press - to department service explain the decision:

- Presence on price lists of two or three prices specified by a different font, misleads buyers. Puts buyers without discount cards in less favourable conditions at a choice of the goods in comparison with owners such   maps. According to item 10 of the law of the Russian Federation « About protection of the rights of consumers » the seller is obliged to give in due time to the consumer necessary and trustworthy information about the goods for a correct choice.

the Information on the goods should be full, unequivocally understood, not to mislead consumers concerning cost or conditions of its acquisition.