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The inhabitant of Volgograd has poured over itself gasoline and has set fire

48 - summer inhabitant Kamyshina on work was in good repute - executive, accurate, hardworking... It has worked more than 20 years at the native enterprise the driver.   in a family too like there was a world and a harmony - the wife, children, the cosy house. Anybody from neighbours did not hear scandals, and on a broader scale as a whole the family is characterised as safe. That has pushed the safe and counterbalanced man on   so desperate step, it is necessary to find out to inspectors. And he has chosen   a terrible and tormenting way of leaving from life.  

on February, 10th, speaking to nothing to relatives, it has left the house. Having taken with itself a box of matches and a gasoline bottle, it has gone for garage co-operative society. Having thrown off a jacket, the man has poured out contents on itself, and has struck a match. The flame has flashed, in a few minutes the person has scorched.

- Now we have only one zatsepka. Recently the man has learnt that at it aged mother is strongly sick, to it leaving was required. Probably that it also has become the cause to die, - Evgenie REVENKO, the inspector of Kamyshinsky MrSO of SOU SKR across the Volgograd region speaks .