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In Chelyabinsk the security guard of a parking to death has hammered 70 - the summer peasant from - for a mobile phone

One of May evenings of last year Leonid Kolesnichenko was strongly drunk and, having noticed in the street the unfamiliar old man, has solved it obokrast. The pensioner has arrived to Chelyabinsk from settlement Swan the Kurgan region behind medicines for the sick wife. 70 - the summer invalid of 3 groups could not resist to the predator, but before emptying pockets of a victim, has used fists. The victim has fallen without consciousness and has died from cranial - a brain trauma before it was found by passers-by.

And extraction of Kolesnichenko has appeared is insignificant — an old cheap mobile phone. The criminal has sold to its workmate on parking protection. Thanks to a cellular telephone, on the murderer also there was a militia. The villain have caught a month later.

35 - the summer security guard of a parking have denounced for « the armed assault made with causing of heavy harm to health of the person » and « Causing of heavy harm to health of the person, entailed on imprudence death of the victim ». The court of Lenin area has sentenced it to 11 years of imprisonment in a high security colony. And also has obliged to pay to the widow of the lost 500 thousand roubles. But the sentence is appealed against by the parties and validity has not entered.