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In Priamure the regular soldier

We already was lost informed on tragedy happened on February, 28th in one of the parts, based under Belogorsky. Eyewitnesses tell that at about noon soldiers helped to tow faulty military technology. One of them has appeared between two military vehicles and in schitannye instants of the guy has broken off in two.

the Assistant to the military public prosecutor of East military district Andrey Metchenko tells:

  - This very day concerning the mechanic - the driver who has admitted arrival, it is raised and criminal case about infringement of service regulations of the fighting vehicle, entailed on imprudence death of the person is at the moment investigated.

In the meantime native Fevralsk, from which victim Stepan Klimentova have called on service in July of last year, abides in shock:

- to Crying all the day long, also I can not understand, how such on a broader scale could happen, - the head of February administration of Alexander Bespalov speaks. – the Remarkable, beautiful, clever boy. Went in for sports, played to our ice-hockey team. To army went willingly, and it is not surprising - his father nurtured and nurtured, as all it would be necessary …

Native Stepan, Alexander Viktorovna has asked not to disturb yet, they endure blow very hard. A body of the son from a part to them yet did not deliver, wait any day. And it is clear that to the commanders, carrying out this a sad duty, it is necessary also to answer questions of the indignant fellow countrymen of the lost tell-tale. While the Amur captains of the host abstain from comments.