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The swindler from Kazakhstan sold to Barnaul citizens nonexistent sugar

In the beginning of February pravoohraniteli have detained 34 - the summer inhabitant of Semipalatinsk, which « sold » to Barnaul citizens bags of sugar of Cheremnovsky sugar factory at reduced price.

- the Offer has appeared tempting, instead of 1 350 roubles the swindler suggested to sell sugar for a bag for 1   100 roubles, but under a condition if the goods are bought by party, - have told in a press - service of the Altay linear Department of Internal Affairs on transport (ALUVDT).

the woman has responded to this bait, she has decided to be reserved thoroughly by sugar and has passed the swindler of 6 600 roubles. Transfer of money passed in cargo park of station Altay. The swindler for persuasiveness has waved towards structure standing on tracks, has told to the woman to wait, and has disappeared with money. That has long-sufferingly waited some hours, and, without having waited sugar, was converted behind the help to employees of law-enforcement departments on purpose to find for the swindler and to return it money.

- to Find the criminal it has appeared not simply, - the senior inspector of Investigatory department tells at ALUVDT Olesya Tokarev. - search became complicated difficulties in an identification of the searched. After all, except a name and phone number the victim did not know anything about the criminal. After commission of crime customer address, naturally, has appeared disconnected.

Employees of linear police station at station Altay within several months worked over an identification of the criminal. While their attention was involved with the criminal cases which are in manufacture another OVD - across Novoaltaisk.

- very much « handwriting » these crimes it was similar on known to employees of transport militia of the swindler. Affairs were not opened and are temporarily suspended, - have added in a press - department service.

In the beginning of February of current year the criminal has been detained by law enforcement officers in Novosibirsk. After carrying out of an identification accused criminal case has been directed to court.