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In Krasnoyarsk are not ready take yet penalties directly in the car

From Krasnoyarsk automobile owners there can be a chance to pay for infringement of traffic regulations directly in the car of the inspector of traffic police. And, it is quite lawful: the inspector enters number of the decision and the sum of the penalty of the special mobile terminal established in salon of the patrol car, of a course there is a bank card or a credit card fined - and the information on payment already to traffic police.

In capital experiment on equipment of patrol cars by such terminals has gone right. In 2009 in patrol cars the tenth part of all fined has preferred to pay off almost. And it is less, than for half a year. And the cars equipped with terminals, to all Moscow was only 89. And to force the driver to pay off on a place to the inspector it was impossible, he could offer such service only.

In Moscow the project are going to develop, and in Krasnoyarsk about this innovation while only speak.

- Any instructions about it did not arrive, - the employee has assured a press - services of a regiment of traffic police Alexander Kozlov. – there were only conversations. Even that for payment of penalties the automobile owner will receive a card together with policy OSAGO. But conversations all it only.

Meanwhile, bank plastic cards are not only at capital drivers, besides to go where - that it would not be desirable to pay equally neither to the Krasnoyarsk citizen, nor the Muscovite, and time has got … On a place is even more conveniently.