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Kabardino - balkarsky the GAI officer has knocked down the Moscow OMON FIGHTER

past Friday   in   Elbrus area Kabardino - Balkarsky Republic there was one more state of emergency.

the Local militiaman has brought down on road by car of the Moscow officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which has arrived to help it to catch gangsters.

- Were during free time from service in civil clothes the inspector of traffic police OGIBDD OVD on Elbrus r - well 30 - the summer lieutenant of militia Kanshouby Shomahov, operating by proxy a motor vehicle VAZ - 2114 has brought down   were on fast in uniform regimentals of the assistant to the commander 3 - go the Operative battalion OMON of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on the city of Moscow 34 - the summer major of militia Alexey Maksimova, - have informed in the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.

state of emergency has occurred at two o`clock in the morning on 32 - an ohm kilometre of federal road Baksan - Azau while Maxims left on a line to check up flying in a direction to fast the car. But it has not stopped. As a result   Kanshouby has brought down Alexey the Zhiguli .

- Maxims has been hospitalised in hospital of Nalchik with crises of edges, the right elbow joint and concussion, - have informed in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. And Kanshouby has got off with bruises of soft fabrics of the person. Upon road accident check is spent.