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For a year of the price for habitation in Petersburg will grow on 10 %

2010 has stood out for the Petersburg market of real estate rather quiet. The prices for habitation « marked time » and in some segments even decreased, pleasing potential buyers and afflicting sellers. As a result all who had a possibility, could solve the room question slowly. The most demanded last year were small one - and it is necessary to search for two-room apartments and now such variants – all have bought up. But the price of square metre while remains at level of last year and on the average makes 81 - 83 thousand roubles. But it only while. Experts warn: the habitation will rise in price.

- the building cost price Will grow: already today growth of cost of materials, expenses on a salary is observed. It will affect habitation cost – Following the results of a year it is possible to assume growth on 10 %, - the director for marketing of the building company Ekaterina Gurtovaja speaks.

About a future rise in prices almost all participants of the market of real estate warn. The pier, crisis remained behind, conditions of a mortgage become more accessible – all it will recover the market. In January of this year the quantity of transactions of purchase and sale has grown in 1,5 times, in comparison with December of last year.

the First splash in consumer activity so and more - less appreciable rise in prices is expected in February - March.

By the way, demand at Petersburgers the cheapest apartments use. And, buyers again began to trust builders and even more often convert the look on primary habitation – at an initial stage he can be bought much more cheaply. And as practice when the house is put in operation shows, all apartments there are bought already up.

That how much

« Five-storey apartment blocks » And « the ships » - 2,3 – 2,4 million roubles.

Spacious variants in later serial panel houses - 2,4 – 2,7 million roubles.

One-room apartment in the new house,   brick or monolithic - 2,8 - 4 million roubles.