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On Altai parents detsadovtsev ustoili scandal in hospital from - for turns in 250 persons

On Wednesday, on August, 31st parents   the future pupils of a kindergarten « the Fairy tale »   have made the present scandal in Belokurihinsky city hospital. The turn in 250 persons became the reason for that.

As informs a portal belokuriha. blogspot. com to receive a guarantee of that the child will visit a kindergarten, together with kids it is necessary for parents to pass physical examination as soon as possible.   it is necessary   to visit in   offices of five narrow experts, and still to make necessary tests. Therefore parents also storm hospital though the kindergarten is yet ready to reception of the pupils (from a building building woods are not removed, welding works) are conducted.

the Occasion to scandal became known from Soviet period a remark: « you here did not stand! ». The matter is that in the big crowd in a narrow corridor of medical institution there were nearby 250 persons. Parents, naturally, were nervous, confused the place in turn, someone and at all tried to pass in an office of the doctor the first. Besides, adult patients who also have come on physical examination wait for the turn. Here quarrel also has flashed.

In hospital on it only with hands plant: it appears, about physical examination of doctors nobody has warned, therefore all experts worked in a usual mode.