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In Nizhni Novgorod six schoolboys on stolen to copeck six Nizhniy Novgorod teenagers have brought down two policemen

Last days vacation have decided to spend with great dispatch. At three o`clock in the morning on one of streets of Lenin area they have looked for the car without the alarm system VAZ - 2101. Have broken blokirator a wheel and, fast having connected ignition wires, have got the car. Naturally, neither a driving licence, nor skills of driving on a city at them were not... Nevertheless, young hooligans managed to reach quickly Car factory is some kilometres! And only there a suspicious car which broke all conceivable and inconceivable rules, policemen have marked.

- Teenagers 14 - were noticed 16 years by private security patrol, - has told « » - NN » a press - the secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs across Nizhni Novgorod Alena Chebotkova. - On a public address system policemen have demanded to stop the car. But teenagers have ignored guards and have tried to disappear.

the Patrol was started up in a pursuit. « copeck » have tried to block - it has not turned out. Then car thieves have tired out in deadlock. Guards left the car and have gone to infringers. But here « a Zhiguli » with schoolboys it was developed and has jerked from a place directly on people in shape! One of policemen has not had time to evade and has been brought down. And teenagers at all have not braked and have rushed off further.

On help have called fighters of a battalion of a special purpose. Now two police cars tried to stop the become stupid schoolboys already.

- But when « copeck » it was possible to block again, boys have again jerked from a place and have brought down employee BSN, having dragged it on a cowl some metres! - are surprised pravoohraniteli.

Racers all - taki managed to be detained. With numerous bruises the fast has brought one policeman to the hospital, the help of physicians was not necessary for the second. And teenagers have detained for evidence.

However, a five from them almost at once have released - under a subscription about nevyezde. Under guards is only 16 - the summer guy who took the helm « copecks ».

We tried to find out, how much serious traumas were received by police officers. But a press - service of management of private security to make comments on a situation has refused. But we managed to talk to mum of the detained teenager.

- Anything serious with these policemen cannot be, it only has slightly hooked on them! - it is indignant. - my son the kind, sympathetic boy. It have asked to get the car and to take for a drive - it and has agreed! It understands cars, technics loves. This year after the ninth class even has entered college on the mechanic! And to force down it wanted nobody. Simply was frightened of policemen. They after all have opened fire during a pursuit, you knew about it? And then it was strongly beaten by policemen. Ten together on the child have attacked! And it in what is not guilty.

Anyway, now the guy suspect of car stealing, insubordination to police officers and causing of traumas by it. And for it under criminal article 318 term till five years threatens.