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In Tula the lieutenant of militia suspect of transportation of drugs

Recently there was a sad tendency: guards who should protect and preserve citizens, even more often start to appear in criminal reports.

we Will remind, in the end of August the Soviet district court has pronounced a sentence 20 - to summer Dmitry Kozlovtsevu. It recognised as guilty of complicity in attempt at illegal acquisition without a sales objective of psychotropic substance in especially large size, and also in attempt at illegal sale of drugs.

During judicial session have established that on January, 21st this year the guy being the cadet of Tula branch FGOU VPO « the Moscow university of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia » has agreed by phone about sale amfetamina.

it is Literally one of these days investigatory department on Zarechensky area of Tula of SOU SKR on the Tula area has filed criminal charges about illegal storage and transportation of drugs. Of a crime suspect 26 - the summer lieutenant of militia, the inspector of group of the information of group especially purposes UMVD of Russia on region.

Under the version of the investigation, the suspect stored and transported on August, 29th marihuana in lump of 43,2 grammes.

Actions of the malefactor have been stopped by employees UFSKN of Russia on the Tula area and USB UMVD of Russia on the Tula area.

criminal case Investigation proceeds.