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Suffered in road accident on a line in Tatarstan does not blame in happened the driver

For Tatarstan continue to find out major accident details on a republican line.

The driver asserts that has not noticed Kamaz standing on the roadside as at a waggon dimensional fires did not burn, but under the preliminary version of inspectors of traffic police the man has simply fallen asleep at the wheel.

As a result of awful collision 5 persons
the Photo were lost: Nikolays ALEXANDERS


With it do not agree survived after terrible failure.

- the Driver did not sleep. He talked to passengers and felt well, - one of victims Irina Grigoriev confirms.

doctors estimate Its status, as satisfactory. But there are also those who now is between life and death.

- we on treatment have 11 persons, among them 5 - the summer child, five heavy, three in resuscitations, their status stably heavy, - the assistant to the head physician of KNIITO RKB Gleb Alekseev has declared. -   necessities to conduct someone on treatment to Moscow are not present. The centre is equipped by last word of technics. Here very competent doctors.

the Situation with victims took under personal control the Minister of Health of RT Ajrat Farrahov.

we will remind, the tragedy has occurred on Tuesday evening. Near to settlement of the Shawl the minibus which went to Kazan from Elabugi, on full speed has flown in standing on the roadside Kamaz . In salon there were 19 persons, among them there were children. It is known that in the bus employees of service of court enforcement officers of republic went.

Force of blow in salon pootryvalo seats
the Photo: Nikolays ALEXANDERS


Four adults and 8 - the summer girl - were lost, 14 more person have got traumas of various severity level. Seven from victims are in extremely grave condition, including one more child. Among victims also the chief of the Kazan interdistrict department of court enforcement officers of the Main federal management of service of court enforcement officers on RT Nazipova Dina Muhametovna.