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Three inhabitants of the Tver region are denounced for an attack on the main GAI officer of Bologovsky area

In the city of Bologoe on a dock have appeared three men, local residents.

the Consequence has established that they dramatized road accident and have attacked on arrived into place « incidents » the chief of OGIBDD OVD on Bologovsky area. The reason – an aversion for police officers.   having sprayed in the person to the officer pepper ballonchik they have disappeared.

But on it their bent for to crimes has not stopped.

As informs Bologovsky interdistrict investigatory department SK of Russia across the Tver region, the same people took in hostages 71 - summer inhabitant Bologoe, demanding from it to give out them a collection of valuable coins.

the Elderly person was kept violently by six days then criminals have achieved the – the collector has given them coins. An amount of damage – more than 100 thousand roubles.

Now, on set of crimes, two men should leave 12 and 7 years accordingly for high security colonies. The third criminal has received conditional term.