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In Saratov on a City Day Ladu Dens

Before City Day commemorating wait there are few days. All next week in Saratov there will be celebratory actions. But the most important surprises which have prepared the city authorities for saratovtsev, will be in following days off - on September, 10th and 11. Townspeople guess, whom from stars will sing this time on birthday of Saratov. We will remind, last year at stadium the Dynamo Yury Shatunov acted, and in 2009 - the m on the Theatre square were lighted by Dima Bilan.

Who will arrive to Saratov this time organizers of celebrations carefully hide, say that want to make a surprise. But to expect arrival pozvezd which today on popularity peak, it is not necessary to townspeople. As we know, with a star   already all - taki were defined.   and praznovat a City Day saratovtsy there will be under songs Frets of Dens.

- Now precisely to tell about the one who will arrive to act on a City Day, we cannot,   Every day different variants are considered, - one of organizers of a feast Alexey Avdoshin assures. - But if all develops safely, it will act at a concert on Quay.

But also besides it, the city authorities promise saratovtsam very interesting program on 421 - ju anniversary from the date of the basis of Saratov -   with competitions and games, concerts and sports competitions.