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The head of Natsbank Ermakova: currency it will be fast

About this Nadezhda Ermakova has declared in exclusive interview to agency Interfax - the West

- Hope of Andreevna, how much legal exchange rates of the Belarus rouble will be in the near future?

- Today before we will open additional session, there will be only an official rate. From the moment of the beginning of the auctions at additional session (it is expected in the middle of September. - IF) will be two courses: what will develop by results of these auctions and an official exchange rate.

- In what the purpose of such strategy?

- the Strategic target in that a market rate to approach to official, but not mechanically. It is a question of that courses to pull together at level which will choose the market. The market will be a key reference point. The purpose - to find gold the middle of a course which will be valid to reflect a reality. But today a reality one, and tomorrow - another. Therefore the uniform course which will be established and will be official, will fluctuate also.

- a leah administrative recommendations to participants of the market, including oral Are possible?

- the National bank will be targetirovat a course which will develop following the results of the auctions on dopsessii. Oral recommendations will not be, if only someone where - that plays pranks and behave outrageously. Without my permission nobody has the rights to make any recommendations. Recommendations of National bank if they are given, should be accepted officially, the decision should be signed the chairman of the board. Or there should be a board decision. Oral recommendations should not be - in this case it is possible to spoil only.

- a leah the Natsbank Is ready to currency interventions during the auctions at additional session? A leah is sources for this purpose?

- Yes. Sources for this purpose are, but them I while cannot name. They lie at us on an abacus, and not only in reserves. New sources will be to arrive also. In this plan all at us is counted. The head of the state at meeting has knowingly informed on receipt till the end of the year investments on $5 billion terms of opening of additional session - the middle of September,   are Knowingly named also; all it is counted.

we Will remind, on August, 30th the president has already declared that dopsessija will be spent with 12 or since September, 15th:

- the Belarusian rouble exchange rate will be defined by supply and demand, as well as any other goods. We is artificial to support a course we do not plan. I have agreed with the offer of Natsbank on opening from the middle of September - 12 - 14 - 15 numbers - additional session of the auctions at a currency stock exchange on which it will be possible to buy and sell freely dollars, euro, the Russian roubles and other currency, - Lukashenko has told.

Sources for currency interventions of Natsbank the president also did not name.