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Indemnification to victims and families of victims on a line in Tatarstan will be paid by the owner of the bus

On a press - conferences in traffic police management have told about the one who should pay indemnification to victims and relatives of victims in terrible failure in Pestrechinsky area.

- the Driver who was at the wheel, operated bus by proxy. The vehicle belongs to the inhabitant of Vysokogorsky area of republic. According to the Russian legislation it as the owner of a source of the raised danger, bears a liability in case of road accident, - have declared in republican management of traffic police.

the Bent bus is not subject to restoration
the Photo: Nikolays ALEXANDERS


Thus in the State traffic inspectorate have added that the owner of the bus has two more similar Hundaja and two foreign cars.      

we Will remind, terrible failure has occurred on Tuesday late at night on a line in Tatarstan. As a result of road accident five persons were lost, 12 more have been hospitalised in a grave condition. In the bus there were court enforcement officers. They together with families went on excursion in Elabugu.

In salon of the bus at the moment of road accident there were 19 persons
the Photo: Nikolays ALEXANDERS