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Near Volgograd the girl has bitten the police officer not to leave the laptop

the Message on an attack on the court enforcement officer has arrived on August, 29th. When all circumstances were found out, in law enforcement bodies did not know, to laugh or cry. It has appeared that the employee of department has come to frolovchanke to withdraw the laptop on which for a long time did not pay the credit.

the Door was opened by the woman. On lawful   requirements of the police officer she at first tried to react easy, but has then started to shout and row. On noise her daughter, 20 - the summer girl who was the proprietress of the computer has run out.

As soon as the police officer has tried to arrest the favourite laptop which she did not leave neither in the afternoon, nor at night, the girl has lost self-control. It   has rushed on the struck dumb man and … has seized teeth his hand. Which - as he has managed to beat off and hardly was on the lam.   He had to be converted into the hospital, the crippled extremity has inflamed and needs treatment.

the question on criminal case excitation is now solved. I think, we will make the positive decision   - Oleg Levin, the head Frolovsky MRSO has commented on SOU SKR on area.