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Nizhegorodke, reserved the husband - the businessman for « Lexus » it became bad in court

Today in the Nizhniy Novgorod regional court sensational case hearing has begun, the main prosecutor of the region Valery Maksimenko participates in state charge. On a dock – 37 - summer nizhegorodka which, under the version of the investigation, has reserved the killer for own husband, having promised to pay off for service « Lexus » ( is more detailed ).

As the woman told on a consequence, all has begun that the husband in the heat of family quarrel has struck it in the person and has broken a nose. To return former beauty, it has performed four plastic operations, but did not obey recommendations of doctors and did not maintain terms between campaigns in clinics. As a result the person of the former beauty became absolutely bad to look. By the way, money for them, and it is one and a half million roubles, the husband has given.

the Spouse, having despaired to change something, has asked divorce. And soon after that the woman began to search for the person who would kill the spouse. In a role of the killer the police officer has acted.

Nizhegorodke which have reserved the husband - the businessman for “ Lexus “ it became bad in court.
a photo: Svetlana SAZANOVA

When nizhegorodka has received in quality « proofs »  destructions of the spouse of a photo where it lies on snow all in blood, has gone with the executor to the notary and has issued the power of attorney on an off-road car, her have arrested.

Even in the chamber where the young woman is here already almost five months, she constantly complains of the health and cannot look in a mirror.   in a hall of court it have resulted in handcuffs, the person is completely closed by a scarf.

It did not answer questions of journalists and did not react to questions of the judge – simply sat, having put a head on hands. And can be, it was a shame to it to look in the face to the husband who sat opposite. The businessman looked well – in stylish   a suit and ideally ironed shirt, it as tried to hide the stirring, but it turned out badly. Even has removed expensive tie, which plot of the house, and has forgotten it on a bench. At the very beginning of hearing has risen and has asked court to consider that fact that no any claims to the wife has. - at all of us - taki a family, - he has told. – the Son grows, he very much loves mum and strongly worries …

  During hearing the defendant has started to sob violently.

- Me it is bad, the head is turned, I can not stand, - she has told to the judge. The arrived brigade neotlozhki ascertained: at nizhegorodki the elevated pressure and heart fights more often, than usually that, actually, it is no wonder for a current situation. To it have made calming prick, and business hearing have transferred the next day.