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Alla Bajanova has died: the epoch of great chansonniers

Yesterday, on August, 30th has ended, on Tuesday after long illness on 98 - m to year of life the national actress of Russia Alla Bajanova has died. The singer who in youth sang with Alexander Vertinsky and Peter Leshchenko, has become famous for execution of Russian and Gipsy romances. In Yaroslavl it acted not once. Its concerts were not simply execution of music turns, but also the story about themselves and the life.

- I remember, how it acted at theatre of a name of Volkova, - the musicologist Larissa Burtsev tells. – there was a packed house. Alla Nikolaevna   was very effective, artistic, in perfect   suits,   our Yaroslavl pianist, nowadays dead Natalia Bajurova accompanied it.

According to Larissa Vladimirovny, demise by Bajanovoj – it is not simple   death of the talented person.

is an end of the whole epoch of great chansonniers, - tells Burtsev. – Have left both Peter Leshchenko, and Alexander Vertinsky, death Bajanovoj became last, final and very beautiful chord of Russian chanson...

While the question on where will bury Alla Bajanovu is not solved yet. However it is known that the national actress of Russia asked, that over it have read the burial service in church, and spoke against civil funeral carrying out.