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In Murmansk area bread on 15 and 18 roubles

All of us since the childhood we know that bread – to all a head. This product enters into a diet of almost each family, and its availability to the population - one of the primary goals of the authorities of all ranks. Tomorrow the departmental target program will take off in the Polar region « Social bread ». Participation in it will be accepted by almost all cities and region settlement. Aside meanwhile there is Murmansk, Severomorsk and Monchegorsk where the municipal programs « operate; Cheap bread ». In the future the given cities can be connected to the given project also.

- the Program is calculated on 2011 - 2012. Tripartite contracts between municipalities, the baking enterprises and the organisations of retail trade are already concluded. Participants of the program on manufacture « Social bread » The enterprises are: Open Society « the Baker » Open Society « Victoria » Open Society « the Polar bakery » Open Society « Apatityhleb » which will let out production on gostam and to supply a retail trading network with bread at the fixed prices, - Marina Goncharov has told the vice-president of committee on agriculture and the food market of Murmansk area.

loaves on 15 and 18 roubles for rzhano - wheaten and wheaten of a flour of 1 grade accordingly Will be on sale. And during realisation of the program bread can grow in the price a maximum on rouble. Production can be bought in retail shops of cities and region settlements.